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Corporate Territorial Responsibility in Chiloé, Southern Chile

Submitted by Andrés Lagarrigue on 18/03/2014 on Shared Territorial Responsibility

Corporate Territorial Responsibility in Chiloé, Southern Chile

CHILOE, A GLOBALLY IMPORTANT AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE SYSTEM (GIAHS). An Opportunity to generate networks with large and medium companies in the context of Corporate Territorial Responsibility initiatives.

Chiloé, Chile - GIAHS (SIPAM in Spanish) is a designation of FAO and UNESCO Chiloé has received among few places in the world to recognize and promote the richness of its rural culture and the reflection in an extraordinary landscape and a both agricultural and natural biodiversity. Based on this recognition, the challenge for the Province is to add value to the overlapping activities within this vision, generating economic benefits for the people and small businesses of the territory, while strengthening the local culture and the environment.

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