Platform Members´ Publications

Platform Members´ Publications

Academy on Rural Development: Towards Decent Work in the Rural Economy

Biocultural Diversity Maps

Bolivia Programa Seminario Denominaciones de Origen

Forums and International Meetings

Higher Education Net First Meeting - Florence 2014

Libro «El Valor del Patrimonio Cultural»

Nuevas Trenzas Documents

Other documents on scaling-up rural innovations

PEIR - Program for Scaling Up Rural Innovations Policy Briefs

PEIR - Program for Scaling-Up Rural Innovation Final Reports

Procasur Documents

Research and systematization

Revista Opera «Observatorio de políticas, ejecución y resultados de la administración pública» - Universidad Externado de Colombia

RTD-CI Program Documents

Small-scale Producers and Globalized Market Study

Taste of Ecuador

TD-CI PUCP RIMISP 2014 Diploma Call Documents

TD-CI PUCP RIMISP 2015 Diploma Call Documents

TD-CI UACH RIMISP 2016 Diploma Call documents

Territorial Approach to Rural Women Empowerment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Territorial Development and Food Security in La Guajira, Colombia Project Documents

Documents MIGA

Platform Institutional Documents

TD-CI UNAL RIMISP 2014 Call documents

TD-CI UNAL RIMISP 2016 Diploma Call documents

RIMISP Colombia RTD-CI Program

Cocina Identidad y Territorio - MIDIS

Capacities Empowerment

7th International Conference on Localized Agri-Food Systems - Stockholm


Vacancies Announcements

Promoting rural development: sustainable tourism and rural supply chain

Contribuciones de jóvenes investigadores

2014 Origin, Diversity and Territories FORUM

Let's Eat Fish Food National Program Documents