ITALIA - International Master Course on Agricultural Heritage Systems

28/07/2018 | General News

ITALIA - International Master Course on Agricultural Heritage Systems

In 2002, FAO launched the project name “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)”. 

GIAHS are remarkable land use systems and landscapes which are rich in globally significant biological diversity evolving from the co-adaptation of a community with its environment and its needs and aspirations for sustainable development.

The aim of the initiative is to identify and safeguard farmers and agricultural landscapes that have survived using traditional techniques and are still providing many services to the ecosystem, a huge agrobiodiversity, ancestral knowledge transmitted through generations, and strong cultural and social values. Furthermore, food production practices associated to the quality of landscape and tourism, may represent a fundamental added value for the competitiveness of many rural areas not suited for industrial agriculture.

This approach intends to contribute to a new vision for the future of the planet, integrating human society and the environment according to the sustainable development goals.

Considering the successful developments of the project, from 2015, based on the outcome of the 39th FAO Conference, GIAHS has become an official FAO corporate programme. Today the FAO Agricultural Heritage program includes 50 landscapes across the world and is the largest program of the UN dedicated to the protection of agricultural heritage.

Following these new multidisciplinary approaches that considers agricultural heritage systems and landscapes as an opportunity for the future of rural areas, it is necessary to train managers capable of identifying, managing and valorizing these agricultural systems.

The specific objective of the Master Course on Agricultural Heritage Systems is to train students on how to effectively manage and identify agricultural heritage systems and landscapes including them in a sustainable development model of the rural territory, harmonizing economic, social and environmental processes.  The course will offer a very specific training on rural landscapes, creating an expert capable of informing decision making processes and research strategies, in the framework of the governance of the rural territory.

The course is a part of a larger research project aimed at developing a high-level training center on agricultural heritage systems based the Laboratory for Landscape and Cultural Heritage (CULTLAB) based at the School of Agriculture of the University of Florence that it has originated since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of the SIPAM program between FAO and the Government of Italy.

More information on the Master's structure and selection modalities is available on the dedicated website.

The deadline for the application for admission to the Master Course selection is 15/09/2017

Application form available here.

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