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Good Practices & Tools

By pooling together our different know-how and skills, built up over numerous years of experience – we offer the following:

- a critical mass of experience garnered from various regions of the world (presidia; food communities; convivia; territorial laboratories and learning territories) where it is possible to appreciate - in specific terms - the progress and challenges of biocultural territorial development processes;

- a range of learning systems that recognize and value traditional knowledge, mobilizing local know-how and talents, in coordination with formal systems of knowledge (training courses; diplomas; taste workshops; internships and guided exchange programmes; learning routes; workshops, and other educational and empowering activities), with an emphasis placed on women and young people;

- a set of endorsed tools (agreed territorial agendas; the cataloguing and mapping of assets, actors and enterprises; local innovation contests; product promotion; baskets of quality local goods and services; territorial brands, and Corporate Territorial Responsibility, among others);

- the installed capacity to design and evaluate projects, conduct research and process findings - along with pragmatic experiences - in instruments for action and spaces for visibility, positioning and advocacy (fairs and exhibitions; forums, multimedia products; publications; seminars and others).