Procasur Corporation is a global organization specialized in harvesting and scaling-up homegrown innovations. The organization’s mission is to foster local knowledge exchange to end rural poverty. By sharing innovations through customized local knowledge-management tools and methodologies, the organization connects global institutions with local talents, providing the structured learning platforms necessary to spread innovation. Procasur has facilitated learning opportunities in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean, affecting the lives and livelihoods of thousands of rural talents across the globe. To learn more, visit

In the spirit of South-South cooperation, Africa and Asia joined the knowledge networks already present in Latin America. The formula is the same: identify talents, innovative and effective experiences for rural development, valuing local knowledge and facilitate exchange processes so that other groups, facing similar problems or needs, can learn and adapt learning in their own life contexts.

The organization has an executing core of 25 people, and coordinates a network of over 300 local professionals and specialists, who are carriers of valuable experience in strategic areas for development, such as rural youth, rural women, access to land, income and assets increase, rural microfinance, ICT, climate change, local government management and innovations.

The knowledge management initiatives at this time of PROCASUR develop in the following lines of action:

1. Learning Territories

2. Learning Routes in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa

3. Rural Youth Entrepreneurship

4. Research

PROCASUR works with each of the members of the Platform in bilateral and multilateral projects and initiatives on management and transmission of knowledge, peer learning and enhancement of the "know how to do" supporting local talents in Latin America and North Africa.

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