Andrés Betancourth López

Andrés Betancourth López es médico Veterinario y Zootecnista de la Universidad de Caldas con Especialización en Agroforestería y Maestría en Sistemas de Producción Agropecuaria.
Desde julio 2015 es vicerrector de proyección universitaria en la Universidad de Caldas.
  • Universities in the Third World Forum of Local Economic Development Agenda

    Submitted by ANDRéS BETANCOURTH LóPEZ on 02/05/2016 on CAPACITY BUILDING

    The last World Forum of Local Economic Development was the setting for several meetings between Universities and World University Networks, where was opened discussions on the roles that these have been playing in efforts for Local Development and Territorial Development, and the challenges faced in human talent training, applied research and knowledge management, with the intent to made available to decision makers in both public and private sphere.